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[Pre-Order] MODEROID Strelitzia DARLING in the FRANXX

Product Release Date: 2021/09

The true form of the "Steel Lady", Strelitzia!

From the anime series "DARLING in the FRANXX" comes a rerelease of the plastic model kit of the FRANXX that Hiro and Zero Two ride, Strelitzia! The "Steel Lady" has been carefully supervised by series mechanical designer Shigeto Koyama, and modeled with great care by sakanoryo (dragon studio)! The elegant design of the mecha has been captured in beautiful detail for fans to enjoy building and displaying in their collection! The model stands approximately 18cm tall when built and features runners separated into four colors (white, red, yellow, grey) as well as partially pre-painted parts which allow the model to look amazing simply by being put together! The joints of the build model are articulated allowing for various poses, and the face parts comes in two different versions: a pre-painted version and a blank version that can be completed with stickers. The model also comes with the Queen Pike approximately 27cm in length, a shield and a stand to hold the model in place. The cables on the Queen Pike are made from a soft material.

Fox Spirit Matchmaker Chibi Figures

In stock

These feelings transcend time.

From the popular Chinese series "Fox Spirit Matchmaker" comes a set of adorable chibi figures! The line-up includes Honghong Tushan, Yaya Tushan, Rongrong Tushan, Wangquan Fugui and Dongfang Yuechu. Be sure to add them to your collection!

Klee Jumpy Dumpty Mug Genshin Impact 蹦蹦炸弹马克杯 可莉 杯子喝水原神周边


5 in stock

Product Name Genshin Impact Klee Jumpy Dumpty Mug Weight About 485g Volume About 360ml Materials Overglaze, baked ceramic Place of Production Guangdong Chaozhou Optimal Temperature 0 - 100 °C